SouthSouth x Obsius Complete

SouthSouth x Obsius Complete

The time has come. Since day one Obsius and Southsoft have made an incredible relationship which has produced this amazing piece that a lot of collectors will love.

Deck, graphic, trucks colors, baseplates, wheels... All have been design from both brands trying to create a collection piece or just a product with the best quality.

The board have the good known street shape of Obsius adding a really cool graphic in the top plye. Trucks are 34mm wide which come with Southsoft Soft bushings.
In addiction, the wheels which come with the complete are made of a really strong material called POM and professional high precision ABEC 9 creamed bearings.

You will feel an incredible performance in every trick.

Complete setup comes with:
- Metallic box with the Southsoft x Obsius graphic.
- 34.5mm x 96mm deck.
- New 2.0 Obsius 34mm trucks with Southsoft SOFT bushings.
- Pro wheels with ABEC 9 creamed bearings.
- Bottle of extra tunning.
- Tool
- Stickers

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